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  1. I emailed it back and I got a confirmation around 24 hours later. Maybe call them on Monday to make sure that they got it?
  2. I got an email confirmation that they received my reply slip but I haven't heard about any of the next steps yet. I'm assuming they'll be in touch after the 15th.
  3. Accepted! Timestamp: 3:57pm IP GPA: 3.9 (+MSc) Felt the interview went well, my interviewers were really nice.
  4. TIMESTAMP: 11:13 AM GPA: 3.96 DAT SCORE: 24AA, 24 RC, 19 PAT YEAR OF STUDY: Finished thesis based MSc IP/OOP: IP Interview offer: Invite
  5. Timestamp: 8:37 am Interview: Yes OMSAS GPA: 4.05 (Master's boost) Context: Born and raised in NO, moved to southern ON for my BSc and MSc EC: Research heavy (publications, posters presentations, undergraduate research scholarship, national graduate research scholarship, and currently working in a lab), long term volunteering, many leadership and mentoring experiences. Non-trad?: No # application cycles: 3rd application and 3rd interview Interview details: March 7 @ 10.
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