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  1. The numbers on their website are the total number of applicants. In the refusal letter, they indicated how many of those applicants made it to the second screening phase (this was from last years refusal), which was about 76%. Out of the 76% that advanced, about 33% were invited for an interview. I am assuming it is the same process this year, perhaps with slight changes to the percentages.
  2. Perhaps the numbers could make sense if they are taking into account the waitlist (assuming it moves)
  3. Thank you all for your sharing your thoughts and providing me with very insightful information. It really means a lot and it is so nice to have access to such a wonderful community. There is definitely no right answer and there is so much to think about. I think both options have pros and cons and are somewhat a gamble. I am going to have to spend some time thinking about this and hopefully select the right choice. Thank you all. Good luck to those that have received the interview and never give up to those who have not.
  4. @Al22 Thank you so much ! I am so sorry about you rejections, but I am happy to read that you made it to Ulaval! Your path brought you to where you are meant to be! I do speak French and am a QC Resident. This really does sound like a great back up option (to apply at the end of my PhD). At least I can still keep trying at McGill during the PhD, but have even more options when I am done. I must agree with all your points made regarding the PhD. I too did not enjoy my undergrad and would want to avoid going backwards at all costs, unless my chances are hopeless and it is the only wa
  5. Thank you both for your kind responses. You are also both very great candidates and I really hope you attain your end goals (I am confident you will as long as you keep trying). @LGMed2021 I think your path aligns beautifully with your goals. No matter what, just keep trying and do not give up. That is nice to know RE: the PhD at French schools. Because my undergrad is in psychology (3.88/4.3) I currently do not stand a chance. However, if that changes with a PhD that can totally be a great option to look at. @MédicomageI really hope you are right regarding the pandemic! But
  6. Hi everyone, I am in a current dilemma and would love some advice. I have been applying to medical school for 4 years now. During my first application, I received an interview invite. Based on my stats, I ranked top 20% for interview (they invited top 25%) but my pre reqs were so low that my ranking decreased and I was refused. I spent 1.5 years retaking all the basic sciences and reapplied every year since. I have not received an interview since. To provide more context, I am an IP and my GPA is 3.81 (which is low and makes it an uphill battle). I am currently finishing an MSc and
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