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  1. I remember the last time I applied to med school was in 2009. I did not get an interview and decided to pursue an undergraduate in Behavioral Neuroscience, a topic I was really interested in. Then, in 2014 I was hesitant to apply to med school again because I did not feel like I had it in me and I did not truly know what to write about in my application. I remember feeling sad seeing my friends getting into medicine. Fast forward to today, I am finishing my PhD in few months in Behavioral Neuroscience at a great lab that has given me so much potential. I just received my very first med school
  2. I would like to join the English practice group. I am a non-traditional applicant so it would be great to get your input and practice together!
  3. My email is tabbara.r@gmail.com I would love to be added. Thank you!
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