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  1. what'd they cover yesterday, how was it? stressing for tomorrow..
  2. Just got my invite today, anyone wanna make a group to do some prep? https://discord.gg/yDpHwfCK
  3. Invite!! IP, 3.95 2-year, 1st quintile CASPER and good refs? 511 MCAT (129 on CARS) Also, anyone want to make a group to do some MMI prep?
  4. Sure, 3.98 cGPA, 511 MCAT, 2 papers (1 first author, best-paper) and 1st quintile CASPER (according to UManitoba)
  5. Looking to join English prep group as OOP MD/PhD candidate!!
  6. Hey there! Just got my inv yesterday as OOP, looking to join a prep group!
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