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  1. Does anybody know if Western OT tells us our spot on the waitlist if we email them? I'm very anxious and want to know :/
  2. I was rejected from UofT OT and it appears blank, and so does Western OT which I was waitlisted for. So I believe it's the same for all universities. If it's blank, you were probably rejected or waitlisted
  3. Applied: McMaster OT (Top Choice), UofT OT, Queen's OT, Western OT and PTAccepted:Waitlisted:Rejected: McMaster OT, UofT OTGPA: 3.76 (c-GPA) and 3.78 (sub-GPA)Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: My essays were decent, I think. References are fairly good, I had one professor, one volunteer coordinator, and my principal investigator all do one each.
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