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  1. I applied to Mac, Queens, Ottawa, and UofT - only interviewed at UofT and there is a reset responses button. ????? Must know what this means
  2. i feel like I JUST managed to snag an interview with my wgpa after looking through these forums and seeing a ton of 3.95+ (mines somewhere bw 3.85-3.9), so no idea what to think. can’t tell if the interview went well or not whatsoever. AHHHHHH the not-being-able-to-predict-and-prepare is the worst part imo! fingies crossed
  3. TIME STAMP: 9:41am Result: Invite!!! (MD) GPA: 3.79 cGPA (wGPA i think 3.9ish????) MCAT: 513 ECs: TA, cadaver prosection, random min wage employment, working at retirement home in dementia care, ECs to do w arts/mental health, national volleyball winner at 16, undergrad thesis research project w multiple presentations, abstract pub, and paper in progress, couple case comps Essays: felt good - edited for a month or so by many friends Year: graduated undergrad in 2020, currently working shaking - second app cycle and first ever interview.
  4. Yeah I realized afterwards that it was probably not the way to go hahaha D: I'm thinking that I should probably rewrite the MCAT. Sigh. Thanks so much for your advice I appreciate it!
  5. Thanks so much for your reply. I updated the post to show my GPA consecutively: 3.41, 3.84, 3.93, 4.0 with full course load each year. The reweighting helps me quite a bit for some schools, which is why I’m wondering if it’d be more beneficial to rewrite MCAT for CARS to help with western and mac, rather than focus on GPA. Or maybe a one-year program would be beneficial. Just nervous I’ll somehow bomb the MCAT because I think its a decent score if only CARS was a point or two higher D:
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