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  1. Invite/Rejection: Invite Time Stamp: 2:45 EST (went directly into my spam folder... so I only found it now) Location: IP Stream: English cGPA: 3.99 with winter 2020, 3.97 without Current year: 3rd year ECs: Scholarships, tutoring, several leadership positions in a few clubs, and volunteering (at a hospital and on campus). Also had an internationally recognized achievement from high school that may have boosted my ABS. 2 summers of research, no pubs. Casper and Snapshot: Felt great about CASPer (spent 5+ hours practicing for it & more reading The Book and prepping a framework; also go
  2. Sorry for the even later response, but if you're still doing regular practice sessions and are interested in another student, DM me! I'd love to join! Thank you!
  3. I just came across this thread while looking for resources to prep for interviews. I heard from UofT on Jan. 15. Figured I'd post my info in case it helps anyone: TIME STAMP: 4:15PM Result: Interview (MD) GPA: 3.98 MCAT: 523 (128 CARS) ECs: Some volunteering, a handful of recent leadership positions, various scholarships, a couple summers of research but no publications. Had a couple of impressive achievements from high school with 500+ hours logged and international recognition, which might've helped too. Essays: Felt OK about them. I'm not a very strong writer,
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