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  1. Just got the R (12:56). 3.87, MSc completed. Honestly, I’m just glad to hear back and move on. GOOD LUCK TO THOSE STILL IN THE GAME.
  2. Another day, another potential stress-induced aneurysm delayed. See you tomorrow, folks.
  3. Tune in on Tuesday for another episode of « Refresh Every Hour: The Toronto Files ».
  4. Happy Lunar New Year. May the acceptance odds be ever in our favour.
  5. ^ Thank you for sharing. Good luck and don’t give up. Anyone else predicting that the second wave of invites (March 7th interview) will be releasing Friday, Feb 12 or Tuesday, Feb 16?
  6. For those still waiting on interviews - this is gruelling, but we will overcome.
  7. Grad-stream applicant here manifesting an MD interview this March 2021 at the University of Toronto Temerty Faculty of Medicine. Good luck to all and may all your dreams come true.
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