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  1. Hi all, My name is Kianna and I am entering med 1 at Dalhousie. Does anyone know what medical schools are discussing regarding online vs in-class studies this year? Given that most of Canada is experiencing a heavy 3rd wave, what is the probability that coursework will be online? Did anyone complete their coursework online last year? If so, what was it like/were labs online too? Ki
  2. Harry Cho (younghwan.cho@scotiabank.com) is great! Super friendly and explained everything well!
  3. I just set up my LOC with Harry Cho (younghwan.cho@schotiabank.com) and he was incredible. Scotia is by far the best option. if you're still looking for an advisor, I suggest setting up a video meeting with Harry and he can help you out!
  4. Timestamp: 5:35 am (PT) March 24 Accepted - OOP GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 503 Essay and activities: DM for details Interview: I'm a good interviewer. It went well. DM for details.
  5. PEAK AXIETY PREMED FAM. sorry for caps, I needed that.
  6. They will come out when they come out. The predictions on this thread have proved useless. Drink some herbal tea, go for a walk, hug a tree and breath. We'll all know what's good eventually *silent cry*
  7. Any OOP students feeling crippling anxietyy about the few seats reserved for us??
  8. I see!! Okay, jeepers that's a lot of evaluators lol.
  9. It was my understanding that there were 1 evaluator/question = 5 evaluators....Similar to CASPER
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