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  1. @afsdfagsd Hey! Yes I did get into UofT as well! My main reasons for wanting to go to Western are to be closer to home and save a lot of $ not living in Toronto. I also love the small class size at Western and I've heard their facilities are great! I've also been told you get to practice a lot more complex cases in upper years since there are fewer specialty programs at UWO. I think both schools are great and have their pros and cons and no matter where I end up I will be grateful and excited!
  2. @Akira Grey What @Unknown54654 said is correct! The email they sent me said "In recent years, applicants in your position on the Wait List have received an offer of admission."
  3. I emailed them yesterday morning (literally 8am lol) and I got a reply around 2. I just asked if they could give me information about my waitlist position and I included my OUAC ref number. They are probably overwhelmed with emails but hopefully you get a reply today!
  4. Thanks for starting this! According to their email I am HWL and I plan on accepting. Does anybody know the odds of getting in off HWL? Are you pretty much guaranteed a spot?
  5. Result: Waitlisted GPA: 3.92 (89%) DAT: 21PAT/20AA/22RC ABS: not great (no shadowing, no research, but lots of work & volunteering) Interview: Thought it went really well! Hoping for the best!!
  6. accepted/rejected/waitlisted: Accepted!! gpa: 3.92 IP/OOP: IP interview thoughts: Went pretty well I think! It was a very short interview but I think I spoke well and the interviewers seemed to like me! Congrats to everyone accepted!!
  7. I emailed them and have yet to receive a response
  8. I think it went well. I agree with everyone else though.. I answered the questions very quickly compared to the time available and my interview was finished in less than 30 minutes. At least everyone feels the same about it?
  9. Definitely not traditional interview questions like they said in the email.... tough questions and felt way too short. I feel like they didn’t get a chance to know me, but I guess we will see in a couple weeks.
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