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  1. Result: Waitlist GPA:88.8% (top 2 years) DAT: 21AA 24 RC 25 PAT ABS: okay/maybe slightly above avg (lots of employment(every summer+during school), 1 or 2 volunteer/leadership for multiple years, research for 3 years with multiple projects, shadowing over the past year) Interview: felt good, went the full 30 minutes and did not have issues with my answers except for maybe one of the questions. Interview went how others have said it went, couldnt really connect with them but tried to bring up my own experiences when applicable
  2. I used the DATbootcamp free generators for the different question types. DATbootcamp didnt have a free cube counter one so I used the DATgenius cube counter. I used these starting a month before my DAT doing 15 minutes worth of each question type every day. Unfortunately, there was no free practice for keyholes so I just used the free DATbootcamp keyholes and watched some videos on like what to look for (edges, angles of shapes, etc.) Eventually when I was happy with where I was at I used the CrackTheDat PAT tests to see where I was at. I dont remember exactly how well the generators and the C
  3. TIMESTAMP: 11:18 GPA: 88.8% (top 2 years) DAT SCORE: 21 AA, 24 RC, 25 PAT YEAR OF STUDY: undergrad only IP/OOP: IP Interview Offer: invite
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