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  1. I mean the offers say unspecified should hear about specific campus placements by June 15
  2. Time Stamp: 12:01 Accepted/WL/R: Accepted (London Campus) IP/OOP: IP SWOMEN (Y/N): Y 2YGPA: One year at 3.8 (just completed a special year) MCAT (CP/CARS/BB): 125/130/127 Interview Experience (good, bad, neutral etc): overall pretty good !! there were a few questions that I physically cringe when I think of my answers but I guess that didn't ruin my chances. Panel wasn't cold but they definitely had pretty good poker faces on lol Im so excited and so happy, incredibly grateful to have this opportunity. With a low cGPA and having to complete a special
  3. I fluctuate drastically between having a really good feeling and then certainty that I’m getting a big R. This is exhausting lol
  4. ... I was planning to check at midnight but now I'm terrified of this situation haha
  5. Is anybody else just gradually getting less and less confident as May 11th approaches? I was very confident post-interview but all of that confidence is gone now and I'm just feeling a slow-burn torture lol
  6. Admissions directly told me they do not use a placeholder for the second year. They treat your 1 year gpa as equivalent to someone’s 2y GPA.
  7. Were you able to also activate your Western identity or just get you access code? I got my access code but now I'm attempting to activate my Western identity and it keeps saying my ID has already been activated.
  8. If your courses meet their requirements I would definitely contact them about it.
  9. I have graduated undergrad but I'm in a special year so currently finishing up the requirements for my second eligible year.
  10. Time Stamp: 1:52 pm Invite/reject: INVITE IM CRYING IP/OOP: IP SWOMEN (Y/N): Y 2YGPA: One year at 3.8 and currently completing a special year MCAT (CHEM/CARS/BIO/PSYCH): 125/130/127/130 Essays (X/8): 8/8 put a lot of thought into them and made sure I was explicitly answering the questions being asked
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