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  1. I have not yet either. I'm assuming it might be on a rolling basis or it got lost in the email black hole.
  2. Synchronous McMaster MMI interviews that took place on March 6th and 7th unfortunately had an abundance of technological problems. Some interviewees got less time than others and some even reported missing out on entire stations. To account for this difference in experience, McMaster made the decision today to entirely scrap out all the interviews that have already taken place. Moving forward, all applicants must do an asynchronous MMI, regardless of whether they've already done the synchronous interview.
  3. While I can understand that Mac probably had a difficult time finding an effective solution, I still feel bad for a lot of individuals who felt they did well in their interview only for it to be scrapped entirely. At the same time, March 13th interviewees may also feel disadvantaged given that some interviewees were exposed to, essentially, a mock MMI with official McMaster interview questions. Just seems like an overall sticky situation - I wish everyone the best moving forward.
  4. Either the process this year is extremely slow or not many people are posting their invites. Goodluck everyone!
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