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  1. Working for me! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OHfYEzYa8ug9PiA0WizLom_8CcNha6aRIO-OttMcxKk/edit#gid=0 Edit: French Stream Waitlist Link
  2. Does anyone know if the exact seconds time stamp actually correlates to waitlist position based on previous years??
  3. Is Uottawa waitlist rank only based on GPA or is it GPA & Interview?
  4. Anyone know how to check exact time stamps of yahoo/rogers email? Edit: figured it out. Just forward it to an outlook email that you have and outlook says the exact time.
  5. Waitlist Stream: French Time stamp: 9:34am EST Just general email, no negative wording. Congrats to those that got in!!
  6. Invite/Rejection: Invite. Been staring at this forum for weeks so this is surreal!! Time Stamp: 2:14 PM Location: IP Stream: French cGPA: 3.86 Current year: 4th year ECs: Lots of diverse volunteer, lots of global affaires type ECs & music related activities. Casper and Snapshot: Prepped for about a month, had to become familiar with french writing again. No Snapshot.
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