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  1. I was wondering if there are any consequences for initially accepting the offer from UofT dentistry (ex. sending in the reply slip for acceptance) and later on rejecting the offer for another dental school? or with deposits? Im new to the whole process so thank you for any inputs!
  2. Just got my acceptance at UofT! Timestamp: 4:00pm EST Accepted GPA: 3.98 OOP Interview: Felt horrible during and after the interview. I felt like I wasn't giving quality answers but just rambled on. Had to ask interviewers time to think on one of the questions and clarifications on another. They asked lots of curveball questions and some additional questions after the 3 main questions.
  3. is it possible for them to send it right at midnight?
  4. I been hearing that western has the best clinical exp out of the three but i guess it really depends? Also on this forum I def agree with you! Toronto tuition is soooo much :'c
  5. is anyone planning on rejecting UofT if they get accepted into western or McGill? or vice versa?
  6. Hey! So from what I have heard from my previous peers and my experience is that UofT is majority dependent on GPA/DAT (minor on the CASPer and essay) compared to the other schools(western or McGill) as UofT do no have a section for the extra-curricular. With regards to Western and McGill, they do look for a well balanced extra curricular and less emphesis with regards to GPA. So, you can have a lower GPA but as long as your extra curricular is good you can get an interview.
  7. I thought they already took into account the essay and casper when deciding the interview spots?
  8. Oh yeah that's so true lol I was in session 9 so I'm guessing there was at least that many then
  9. wait i thought we all would have the same interviewer?? is that not the case?
  10. I thought it was short in general but I finished right on time (15 minutes). For me they had at about 1 follow up question except for the second one. But I agree it didn't feel too much like an traditional interview nor mmi imo based on the questions they asked but rather just super random questions
  11. Just did my interview this morning and definitely was not expecting these type of questions. Did horrible and felt horrible lol
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