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  1. Educational Stage: Graduated with a Bachelor of Medical Sciences Degree GPA: 3.68 cGPA, 3.90 wGPA (Western - UofT). 1st year 3.22, 2nd 3.71, 3rd 3.82, and 4th (in 2019-2020) 3.98. MCAT: 508 (128/126/127/127) second time, wrote it during covid. (503 first time). Guys, I have serious anxiety about having to do this a third time and I will avoid it at all costs. CASPer: Feel like I was strong at this, extremely fast typer. Non-Academic (Extracurriculars & Volunteering): Above average * President of a university club - 2 years * Member of university club - 4 years
  2. The skills for the job they have taught me on the fly! Yeah my Bachelor of Medical Sciences Degree is unique to Western University but its sort of a mashup of life sciences/biomed but more human aspect based! (human pathology, physiology, immunology, all of that good stuff!) and thank you for your input!!
  3. Hi everyone. I am at a crossroad and am in need of some help. I applied to the 2020-2021 application cycle but unfortunately did not receive any interviews. I am wondering how I can best spend my time to improve my chances. I have a Bachelor of Medical Sciences degree and have recently been accepted to a one year Master of Public Health Program. Additionally, since I graduated last June (2020) I have been working as a medical assistant for two doctors that are married in my area. Both doctors have their own family practice and one also runs addiction treatment clinics. My responsibilities incl
  4. I also have the same issue. I'm a South Western Ontario applicant and now im worried they looked at me as a general applicant, because my GPA and MCAT are well above the cutoffs for southwestern ontario students..
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