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  1. what!! were you were skipped? you wouldve in theory been at the beginning of bin 2??? i hope you get in soon! Are you sure the timestamp you've got is accurate?
  2. GUYS IM SCREAMING I JUST GOT AN OFFER (3:18 PM) OFF THE WL OHHF I CANT BREATHE thank you everyone for the support through this <3 rooting for you all!
  3. On behalf of someone not on this forum, can someone add these stats to the excel for future years reference Their email was 9:04 timestamp, and they received their offer off WL 9:14 am on the 27th. They declined their offer!
  4. I would stay fairly hopeful, I think bin 1 is pretty likely to clear! but boy is this wait excruciating :' )
  5. sending phat support to everyone still waiting on the WL <3 seems quite a few people are already declining so im hopeful we can at least clear bin 1 and get into bin 2 in june! lets keep optimistic and manifest that W (cmon chantal pull thru)
  6. i wonder why theres so much less movement before the deadline compared to last year? it seems a lot of people offered on may 11 are rejecting so why would they be waiting :0
  7. honestly since the last time we had WL movement on wed and because i think decisions arent due until 11:39 on tuesday, i think itll probably be wednesday :0
  8. for the people in charge of the spreadsheet, it seems student98 and sevenless were declining their offers for other schools (i think queens and uoft)? perhaps we can update the excel to reflect that :0
  9. @ everyone declining i love and appreciate u guys i wish i could bake u cookies kiss kiss <3 yall deserve the world
  10. why does it seem theres so many more high gpas (>3.96) this year though, i thought it might be that more people are reporting in general this year but it seems the # of entries is roughly the same as last years ?? do you think the change in gpa calculation is behind that?
  11. Mine isnt too accurate according to the spreadsheet, im like around line 46 on the excel but my base number is 64??
  12. yay for WL movement!! huge congrats to everyone who received offers fingers crossed for the rest of us <3
  13. does anyone have any idea why someone in the spreadsheet was skipped last year? im so uncertain and anxious about how this is gonna go down
  14. Not sure why mine was taken out of the excel but feel free to add me in Time Stamp: 9:07:14 AM (creation time) Result: Good WL GPA: 3.94 Stream: English Year: 3rd year UG Interview Thoughts: I honestly thought i did terrible i stumbled a lot and felt like i didnt really get to convey my thoughts properly
  15. just posting for future premeds that fear not having research in the future!! Invite!!! Time Stamp: 28/01/2021 - 2:56 PM EST Location: IP, Stream: English (and SAI) cGPA: 3.94 (winter 2020 included) Current year: 3rd year ECs: nothing too special tbh, typical stuff like hospital volunteering, equity/diversity work at the university, clubs, wellness centre volunteering, and a graphics job + a mentorship job. i had no research or research awards on my abs! only unique thing may be that ive been self marketing art commissions for like 5-6 years now Casper: honestly barely prepared,
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