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  1. Hi! QMed student here. 1. Being a smaller school it is super easy to get involved in research. A lot of my friends just emailed docs they were interested in working with. If you are looking for publications I am sure you will be well supported as the school also recognizes research is important and in 2nd year we have a course that we acan do a research project with a mentor. Some people continue this after the 2nd year and work on publications. . A few of my friends are even doing multiple research projects! 2. Yeah so kingston isn't on the cheap side. Getting a roommate or two is
  2. Congrats to everyone who has an interview! You survived the wait and did it. Take a second to recognize this accomplishment, (have a mini dance party - that’s what I did). Best of luck preparing for your interview!
  3. Queen's student here. I got my invite last year Feb 3rd! Try not to stress out!
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