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  1. Hi, i know it's been awhile but im taking CHEM301 and i really don't know what would be the best way to study for the midterms ? Would you mind telling me ? Like there's the commentary section, the textbook ... the study guide . Will they ask specific question like the Krebs cycle ? I'm a bit lost. Thank you
  2. Do you guys know if there's like a correlation between your interview date and your standing (wGPA)??? I was interviewed March 5th and I know someone who was interviewed February 17th and I wonder how they decide who is interviewed when. Thanks
  3. Tbh you can do anything you're interested into before medschool. It's really up to you. Just make sure you complete the prerequisites! Personally, the only regret I have is not to do nursing instead of health sciences. I have a friend who did it and for Ottawa only your first year count in your GPA for your application since after that you have pass/fail classes. Also you get some clinical experience and you can kinda see if medecine is for you or not.
  4. Anyone else applied in the CNFS stream ? Invite :)!!! After 3 years of trying Time Stamp: 28/01/2021 - 2:08 PM EST Location: OOP Stream: CNFS cGPA: 3.94 Current year: 4th ( I'm completing physics and math courses for QC medschools). ECs: Research (no pubs, 2 projects (honours+UROP), scinapse, volunteering as a tutor , peer educator and for a middle school ( I was watching the kids during recess). I was also in a sorority for 4 years and was the president for a year. Im also certified with PADI scuba diving (kinda random lol). I also had had 4 summer jobs including one in a nursing home
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