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  1. this is so nice thank you! Honestly, the more time passes, the more cringe moments from my interviews I remember (anyone else??). My imposter syndrome has me convinced I'll be rejected everywhere (I even paid the deposit for my back-up after freaking out about this lol) but I hope you're right not me haha. Hoping the best for you too!!
  2. Thanks for making this thread, I love the idea! Congrats to everyone for finishing interviews! While I'm sure the agony and anxiety of the wait is going to hit me late-April, right now I feel lighter than I have all semester. Upon reflecting, I realized this is the first time since September (I just finished interviewing this past weekend) we don't have to worry about DOING something for our apps (no looming CASPer date or prepping for interviews). I didn't realize how much peripheral stress on top of the normal school/life stress I was experiencing from it all until it was done! Anyone e
  3. There's no deadline for when we can complete the check-in right? I wasn't going to do it til Friday, just wanted to double check that's ok?
  4. How did your interviewers seem over zoom? Some of my friends said they got alot of positive feedback (you're doing a great job, you can do this, etc), but none of mine seemed particularly friendly or said stuff like that? I tried to finish my stations with ~5-10 seconds left for pleasantries too. I felt pretty good about my answers overall coming out, and felt like I came off confident (no jittery speech or awkward pauses, etc) but now I'm starting to wonder...
  5. the Application ID is different from the student ID, you can find it in the payment reciept email! I couldn't submit the form when I put the student ID under application ID so just for anyone else who is confused LOL EDIT: apparently this was the wrong advice, and it's actually the ID on the right hand side of your application portal!
  6. Can anyone not submit the interview form? Everytime I try it says "I must read and approve the confidentiality form" even though I already clicked yes to everything...
  7. Did you have any wifi/connectivity issues? I don't have the most stable wifi (though it's usually fine for zoom) and I'm so paranoid that their complicated-sounding system is going to overload or cause my wifi to fail lol. Sounds like it requires alot of wifi bandwidth. Maybe I'm just paranoid because that happened to me during CASPer though...
  8. Invite/reject: Reject IP/OOP: OOP SWOMEN (Y/N): N 2YGPA: 3.97 on OMSAS, not sure for Western? YEAR: 4th year undergrad MCAT (CHEM/CARS/BIO/PSYCH): 131/127/131/130+ can't remember the exact P/S score lol Essays (X/8): 8/8 and wrote About You. Doubted if the CARS cutoff would stay at 127 so I only spent about a week, but thought I chose good activities and lessons and had a Western med student edit. Followed a formulaic writing style I wonder what I did wrong for Western. As the first school with 'proper essays' I've heard from, this news makes me nervous tha
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