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  1. Hey guys, My cGPA is a 3.6 on OMSAS and a 3.73 for the last two years. I have a M.Sc. with a first author publication and lots of ECs under my belt. My MCAT is a 510 (127, 127, 129, 127). I would like to go back for a 5th year to improve my cGPA for McMaster and 2-year GPA for Queens and perhaps also take the time to rewrite the MCAT for a higher CARS score. Western is not possible since I don't meet their 3/5 rule. I was wondering if it would look bad or I get judged if I fully quit my job to fully focus on doing well? I can afford to do this but not sure if it's a good idea? Than
  2. Hi everyone, I plan on doing a 2nd degree in applied human nutrition to boost my GPA. Can someone who went this route and pulled off excellent grades (3.9+ GPA) please DM me? I have a few questions. Thank you.
  3. Hi everyone, I have the opportunity to take on a strong leadership role in the workforce. How much will this benefit my application if I were to take on the role rather than do a second degree? My stats aren't that great, I have 3.6 GPA (OMSAS) and the best two years being a 3.7. My MCAT is a 510 (127,127,129,127). I have a M.Sc. completed with lots of research and a primary publication in a good journal. Am I being screened out of all schools in Ontario? Would it be better to take on a second degree full-time?
  4. Hey, I'm OOP from Ontario. My adjusted grades take off the worst year and include summer courses (not shown here) along with my grades for my master's courses. Thank you for bringing up the registration priority. I need to look into that further.
  5. I'm OOP from Ontario. I have more than 37 courses taken (I did not include summer courses here). I believe UBC considers summer courses as well as Master's courses in their wGPA formula towards the 120 credits. I will be considered an IP if I apply for the MD/phD route at UBC. I understand that my wGPA of 85% is still low considering the average for successful IP applicants is around 88%. Do you happen to know the policy around stopping a second degree halfway through? Say I start a 2 year UG degree and apply to UBC MD/phD the same year. If I happen to get accepted into the MD/phD stream, is i
  6. Hey, I took 5 courses as a part of my thesis based M.Sc. My cumulative GPA in those courses was a 4.0. I'm not completely sure of the process but I thought I could maybe take additional year of courses to be added on to my transcript? I'm also open to the idea of doing an MD/phD. My wGPA is 85% for UBC, so I'm thinking of applying there for an MD/phD.
  7. What would my chances be applying to the MD/phD stream at UBC? My average as an OOP is 85% and I have my M.Sc. completed with a primary publication in a respected journal. My MCAT score is a 510 (127, 127, 129, 127) and would have strong letters of recommendations for this route from my previous advisors. Thank you.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm conflicted on which route I should take. An additional year or jump right into a third degree. Here is the break down for my GPA and MCAT: Year 1: 3.32 (10 classes) Year 2: 3.64 (10 classes) Year 3: 3.80 (8 classes) Year 4: 3.65 (9 classes) OMSAS GPA: 3.60 MCAT: 127, 127, 129, 127 (510) Completed M.Sc. The last time I took undergrad classes was in the year 2017. Would it be better if took an additional year (5th year) or did a 2 year third degree? I'm working full-time right now. Should I transition to part-time while taking
  9. Do you suggest I do a second undergrad degree? I'm conflicted on whether if I should do a second degree or maybe apply to US schools. I'm currently in my mid to late 20ies and not sure which path would be worthwhile in terms of time. Thanks for the help.
  10. Hi everyone, I would like some guidance on what I should do from here and onwards. I'm a resident in Ontario. Here are my stats: UG GPA: Year 1: 3.32 (10 courses, 5 credits) Year 2: 3.64 (10 courses, 5 credits) Year 3: 3.80 (8 courses, 4.5 credits) Year 4: 3.65 (9 courses, 4.5 credits) OMSAS GPA: 3.60 OP gpa for UBC: 84.6% (wGPA including grades from masters) Queens: 3.73 from most two recent years Took some classes during my thesis based masters and achieved a 3.94 gpa for 3 classes equivalent to 5 credits (semesters load). I understand
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