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  1. Oh my god yes. I am convinced the interviewers thought I was a blubbering idiot in the second half of my interview. Not feeling great about my chances
  2. Hey everyone! I just had my interview with Schulich yesterday. Overall, I am really unsure about my performance. I actually got a lot more questions than expected and the interview went to 55 min instead of the allotted 45 min. I feel really good about 8 answers, 3 others were standard (they weren't outstanding or super impactful), and two felt very weak. For the two weak answers, they felt really unstructured and one of them did not hit the main question stem as much as it should have (i may have slightly misinterpreted the question but I tried to bring my answer back to the m
  3. This seems almost too good to be true haha. Thanks so much for letting me know!
  4. If there is anyone who has received admission to Schulich via conditional acceptance (Only 1 year undergraduate meets minimums), please let me know. I received an interview for conditional acceptance (first 2 years didnt meet cut offs due to serious health issues, best year is 3.95, mcat is 127/128/128/129, filled out all 8 essay questions as well as the personal 'about you' section). Nobody seems to know about the post-interview formula. However, I am wondering how much of a disadvantage I am at compared to applicants with 2 good years. I truly do believe my essays and personal experien
  5. Time Stamp: 1:56 Invite/reject: Invite IP/OOP: IP SWOMEN (Y/N): N 2YGPA: 1 year conditional acceptance (3.97 for the one year) MCAT (CHEM/CARS/BIO/PSYCH): 127/128/129/129 Essays (X/8): 8 (and filled out the about you section) Hey guys I know I'm a little late to posting this. If anyone at all has suggestions for interview prep, I would greatly appreciate it. Also anyone who has gotten in via conditional acceptance, please let me know! I feel like I'm already a little doomed for not having 2 good years like many of the other applicants (depe
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