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  1. Wonderful, thats great to know!! We are also expecting the move to be relatively simple since there are lots of similarities between US and Canada. Thanks a lot for the information!
  2. Ok great thanks! And also where can i find out about the logistics of moving to the US. Will be moving with my family so how would the actual move etc work? For example i read somewhere i need to fill out forms for the items i am taking and a form for any cars i would be taking there
  3. Ok great thanks, do you have any idea about pathology?
  4. So can you shed some light on the Statement of Need from Canada? Is it limited to the specialty and the number of seats?
  5. Hello everyone, I wanted to ask if anyone has recently gone on/applied for J1 visa for Residency in the US being a Canadian citizen. Will be doing that soon so had a few questions. Thanks
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