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  1. Result: Accepted Timestamp: 8:46am EST 4YRS GPA/2YRS GPA: 3.88/Haven't Calculated MCAT: 518 (129/128/130/131) MMI and Panel Interview Thoughts: Felt like I had a strong performance at both interviews! (I am also someone who just generally enjoys interviewing, so it is a strong suit of mine) Panel Date: Sat March 27 Year: Just graduated Geography: OOP I will be declining Queen's offer and instead accepting another Canadian Med School - all the best to those on the waitlist! Crossing my fingers for you
  2. I have seen separate threads so I didn't know this existed! Thank you
  3. Should we just make an Acceptance/Rejection thread so everyone can post their stats and results?
  4. Odds they come out at the end of the day on the 16th... that's my bet
  5. I agree - I think with the length of interview slots, potentially a one-way MMI and then live panel interviews. It would be a loonggggg panel interview if thats all it was :P Hoping we find out more...
  6. Result: Invite!! Feeling very lucky and grateful. Time Stamp: 11:10AM EST cGPA/wGPA: 3.88/Haven't calculated Year: 4th MCAT: 518 - 129/128/130/131 CASPer: I am a very average typer (60wpm max). Lots of prep though. This journey is an arduous one - all the best to each of you!
  7. I think we can always use some extra kindness in our lives. Thanks for showing us how it is done!
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