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  1. Unfortunately, no. Any individuals who completed training after 1997 in Canada can no longer become certified in the United States, doesn’t matter how many fellowships you do. http://www.neurosurgeryschools.com/faqs/index.htm You can still practice in the United States though.
  2. Hello All,Wondering if anyone has or heard of students applying only to their first choice specialty (something competitive, e.g. Derm, neuro, plastics), going unmatched, taking a year off and matching into their choice the following year.I know it is probably quite unlikely, but I am thinking for example I will only be applying to neurosurg, and will apply as broadly as possible, but worst case scenario, if I do not match, I am planning to take a research year and going again. It's a few years away away until I apply, so I will focus on scores, research for now.Thanks
  3. That makes a lot more sense, was looking in the wrong place. Thanks!
  4. I still have no idea where you found total applicants or first choice applicants lol, for neurosurgery on CARMS all I see is 17 spots and 17 filled and the demand supply ratio is around 0.63 so not sure how to get percent matched. Great post breaking down everything though, very helpful.
  5. I just mean match rate per specialty. For example, the match stats I found for 2019 has each specialty and the corresponding match rate. Gen surg for example had 101 applicants and matched 77 over a 5 year average, so match rate was 76%. I don't believe CARMS has the rates on that report but I could just be missing it completely somehow. Thanks though!
  6. https://uoftmedsoc.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/MatchStats-Final_2.pdf nvm found 2019 at least
  7. Hello all, Just wondering where can the match rates by specialty be found at? I know it used to be on CFMS, but can't seem to find the match results anymore since CARMS doesn't report the match rates either. Thanks
  8. Not sure if you know the answer to this, but you seem to have pretty good insight. So I’ll ask anyways lol 1) do you know how US residencies view Canadian medical students? What would be the most important things to focus on to get into a US residency? is it really possible to get US residency coming from Canada? 2) I know some recent Canadian neurosurgeons who moved to the US but like you said they cannot become board certified if they did a Canadian residency, so what are the major limitations without being board certified? Is it harder to do academic or private practice without b
  9. Yep, I guess the only thing is I could try and get into a US NSGY residency so I could become board certified, but it’s quite hard to get into US NSGY residency.
  10. Hello all, I’m really interested in doing neurosurg, have been doing research and shadowing and still think I could really enjoy it despite the insane hours and poor life quality that will happen during residency and after. I honestly don’t care about having a high salary, I just really enjoy the field so far. I also don’t mind doing a PhD, and will definitely plan on doing a fellowship(s) However, after looking at many forums it really seems like getting a job is hardest part of the whole journey. I’ve talked to some people in the scene and it seems like they also echo this sentiment. S
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