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  1. Offering virtual MMI coaching! To those who book coaching, I am giving away free copies of The MMI Guide: A Practical Framework for Approaching any MMI Question. This is the framework I swear by, and which has gotten me through multiple successful interviews. About me: After three successful MMI interviews of my own, I accepted an offer in 2018 for a Canadian medical school. Throughout my medical journey, I had the privilege of serving on an MMI interview panel and of working as a career counselor at a well known Canadian university. I am happy to have a free 10 minute introductory
  2. About the Guide: This e-guide outlines 19 major MMI question types, which relate to topics such as group conflict, unethical behaviours, and effective communication. Each question type includes a detailed framework for providing a strong and knowledgeable interview response. Virtually all MMI questions will relate to one of the 19 specified question types. Once you identify the question type, you may simply apply the corresponding framework provided in the guide. Together with practice, I strongly believe that this guide will enable you to tackle any MMI question with confidence an
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