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  1. Did you have the reset response button at midnight?
  2. If I am not mistaken, I think it was around this time last year where applicants got an update that they should be expecting a response in April as opposed to March, was wondering if something similar may be happening this year. Hopefully we get an update soon, but just have to be patient until then!
  3. Has Dal been doing that for the past few years? Sending decisions during reading week?
  4. @ramjagsingh just out of curiosity, how does your cousin know it may be tomorrow? Really keeping fingers crossed it is LOL
  5. Do you guys think it will be this week or closer to the end of the month since they said that in the email
  6. They usually send the emails out together- hope we get a response soon
  7. Congratulations! Did you just receive the invite or earlier?
  8. I haven't, has anyone else received a follow up after the interview invite email?
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