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  1. I think I read somewhere that you need to be registered for courses first (but I may be wrong)? I haven't been able to yet.
  2. Same here. Was delivered yesterday morning at 10am still says not received. Probably takes the office a little while to process it/update status
  3. I think they don't have a phone line currently due to COVID, but I messaged through the application portal and basically sent the same thing as my original post. Their reply: A bank draft will be sufficient. My reply: Just to confirm, I should not send the certified cheque I had made and should instead send a bank draft? Their reply: We will accept either. SO I sent a certified cheque via courier but I also printed out the messages and put them in the envelope as well. Gotta cover all bases
  4. Yeah I called TD and they said they don't do it with their regular cards anymore or something? I feel like this is the final test to get into med school lol .. :/
  5. Yeah I think it takes a week or to get a card, so at that point sending a cheque was faster. They did respond and say they would accept either a Bank Draft or certified cheque
  6. I got in with a 512, but my AGPA was maybe on the higher end (92-93%)
  7. I was very fortunate to received an offer from UBC however I am finding their payment instructions SO confusing. I have been unable to use the Interac online option (despite trying both RBC and TD accounts). So I moved onto the certified cheque options. However, they say "A certified cheque is a cheque from the bank, not from your personal chequing account. The bank confirms you have sufficient funds, then issues a cheque on your behalf." I went to the bank and they said that what they're describing is a bank draft and not a certified cheque. Now I'm not sure which to send. I have messaged the
  8. They sent an email saying please do not select the pay by credit card option. I would contact them ASAP. However, I am finding their payments instructions very confusing and have been unable to pay it as of yet
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