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  1. Seems like we have more declined offers and waitlist withdrawls from bin 1 at this point in time relative to last year. Hopefully this keeps up for the next few weeks and we can see a full clear on bin 1 and some good movement for bin 2 .
  2. I'm also really curious about this - based on the excel sheet, the size of bin 1 this year is already bigger than the size of bin 1 at the end of last years cycle.... Last year bin 1 was only at around 30 people by May 20th - it grew to 45+ people as the cycle went on. I'm thinking that bin 1 this year will continue to grow as the cycle moves on, but if we know bins are kept relatively close in size by Ottawa, then theres really no need to panic as it may just be that people are sharing their stats more this year.
  3. I would honestly be so tilted and extremely sad if bin 1 doesn't even fully clear this year .
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