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  1. If my institution provides both letter grades AND percentages, does anyone know what UC prefers? I can't seem to find it in the App Manual.
  2. I also selected "Forgot Password" after my login info didn't work and I didn't receive an email to reset my password. I'm sure that with the reformatting of UCAN for this cycle, it means that we need to start a new application. We can also keep an eye on the Blog to see if Dr. P addresses it. It just became active today which probably means there are still many bugs to work out. Cheers all!
  3. Hi all! Has anyone tried to start a Re-apply application or new application for the upcoming cycle? It says July 12th on the website and July 1st on Ucann but I am unable to begin a new application. (I know it's being a keener but I've experienced the other side and I want to get started as early as possible lol) Cheers and good luck this year everyone!
  4. Man that waitlist agony last year was brutal! Honestly the detective work we were doing (which, YES, turned out to be completely random!) was actually a fun little distraction LOL. At this point you guys, we've received interviews and that tells me that this whole insane process that leads us to our dreams is simply a matter of WHEN and not IF.
  5. Trying to think of any further ideas as to why some have received the update and some have not. Any chance those of you who have received the update have last names closer to the front of the alphabet? My last name is definitely in the latter half and I have not had my launchpad updated. Perhaps they are going alphabetically and everyone's launchpad will look the same tomorrow.
  6. I do not have it. EDIT: I was looking on my phone browser and needed to click “Class Search” to see it. But I do have it LOL.
  7. Last year it seemed as though everything came out in one wave. However, as we all know, things change year to year. Hoping the best for you!
  8. Have you checked your Ualberta email address?
  9. Hi! I believe this is for the Medical Laboratory Science Program and not the MD Program. I still think we are awaiting an official word from admissions as to the format of interviews this year but I imagine it could be similar to this.
  10. Mine has said “Registration no longer available” for the entire cycle. Any chance you saved a draft in email or computer prior to submission?
  11. Hi All! I am currently working at a job that does not allow much leisure time in the mornings or evenings. However, my job does allow for an inordinate amount of audiobook listening! Does anybody have any suggestions for books or other literature or podcasts associated with MMI, med ethics, or just simply medical school interviews in general? I seem to have exhausted the world of podcasts in this area and unfortunately, ‘Doing Right’ is not available in audiobook format. thanks everyone!!!
  12. Thank you for the info! Once again, sending out massive amounts of positive energy to all of you!
  13. My invite last year came to my Ualberta email account.
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