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  1. Yup still remains “Being considered”. This process for UC is a very large undertaking as their admin staff is a very small number of people. As long as our requirements for full file review have been met(eg. GPA, degree, MCAT CARS etc) I have no doubt that the status will change. It is difficult to wait and wonder but this is my 3rd round of applications for UC and they always come through with communication in my experience. Good luck and I hope the coming weeks are as stress free as possible for everyone!
  2. Mine still reading “Being screened for consideration of full file review”. Dates will come friends! Stay humble and stay positive ODAAT!
  3. Yup me too. Truly think they are just backed up. They are a really small office and thousands of apps take time. I wouldn’t take the remaining status as a sign of anything other than a busy office.
  4. So, by this time last year, UofA had emailed to tell me that I needed to confirm my GPA posted on launchpad. This hasn’t happened yet. Now, my GPA hasn’t changed since last year so perhaps this means nothing. Anyone else in the same boat?
  5. I have not had to confirm my GPA with them like I did last year. Would they confirm this every year even if nothing on the transcript had changed?
  6. I imagine this is the part in which GPA’s, MCAT scores, and other “cut-off” criteria are being evaluated. Not sure how it will affect the time frame of invites but nice to have some kind of update
  7. Is there any chance that you have changed your distribution email address? Ie. is the email address you have listed on your application the same as it is on your Altus distribution? If not, that may be the reason.
  8. Hi all! Just checking to see if anyone has had their Casper test marked "received" yet as the admissions email states that they are being added at the end of October. Cheers all!
  9. Was your cGPA posted on your application launchpad?
  10. Unfortunately, it looks like your summer courses wouldn’t count. I copied this directly from this years application menu: “In order for an academic year to be considered full-time, at least 24 credits must be completed from September through April“
  11. Yes, the same thing happened last year. Mine reads the same and my CASPER account shows that scores have been released to the school. Yesterday was the last date they’ve listed for CASPER but I believe there are even still more available dates. The website states that scores need to be received by December 1, 2021 so they are probably just going to update closer to that date. Take a screenshot of the delivered message for your records and perhaps give it another couple weeks. If it hasn’t been updated still, a simple email to the admissions will clear it up. Here is the link for the above info
  12. If my institution provides both letter grades AND percentages, does anyone know what UC prefers? I can't seem to find it in the App Manual.
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