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  1. Have you checked your Ualberta email address?
  2. Hi! I believe this is for the Medical Laboratory Science Program and not the MD Program. I still think we are awaiting an official word from admissions as to the format of interviews this year but I imagine it could be similar to this.
  3. Mine has said “Registration no longer available” for the entire cycle. Any chance you saved a draft in email or computer prior to submission?
  4. Hi All! I am currently working at a job that does not allow much leisure time in the mornings or evenings. However, my job does allow for an inordinate amount of audiobook listening! Does anybody have any suggestions for books or other literature or podcasts associated with MMI, med ethics, or just simply medical school interviews in general? I seem to have exhausted the world of podcasts in this area and unfortunately, ‘Doing Right’ is not available in audiobook format. thanks everyone!!!
  5. Thank you for the info! Once again, sending out massive amounts of positive energy to all of you!
  6. Just wanted to wish everyone the best of luck this year. I know this process can be so draining but I’m sending out positive energy to all of you! One step at a time, we got this!
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