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  1. Just wanted to follow up if anyone has any more information on this? I emailed 3 days ago but no reply. The April 1 date is worrying me a bit, I don't want to miss something!
  2. In other words, are OOP held to a higher standard for their interview performance. Similar to how pre interview, OOP applicants have higher cutoffs. Having trouble wording this right so let me know if I'm being unclear.
  3. Schulich (UWO) has a closed file review, so the questions tend to be general and nothing specific asked from your application. (Never had a question like "What did you learn from volunteering with XYZ in 2018?") Thanks
  4. If you are in a group or want to make one please lmk by linking it below or PM ing me. Thanks!
  5. If you know of any please link them below or PM me, looking to practice this weekend and a few days next week! Thank you!
  6. Anyone want to do some Panel interview practice this week? Thinking about 1.5 hours on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday (March 3/4/5) morning, can't do anything past 1pm because I work evenings. PM or comment!!
  7. Hi, I see there are two dates about English courses. You must complete your English courses by April 30th, and you must submit your final transcript by June 30th. These are 2 months apart. Is the April 30th date just the date by which we should have written our final exam (so there is enough time for it to be marked and a final grade returned)? Or are we supposed to have a final grade by April 30th? Thanks
  8. My "to do" list is: - Submit site preferences and ensure References are all submitted by Februrary 19th - Attend Feb 8th site information session. Am I missing anything?
  9. Technical issue got solved on its own, nevermind!
  10. Congrats! I had a similar reaction to your post as Jarisch at first but I assume they didn't read your entire petition. Your position is explained well and is fair.
  11. Message me! I'm thinking 1.5 to 2 hours (so it won't be a full 10 questions but we should be able to get through 5 or 6 each).
  12. Anyone remember to what email or where we are notified? I'm checking my emails from last year and can't find the email.
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