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  1. https://www.cma.ca/telus I need a CMA account to view the discounts for Ontario students and I don't have a CMA ID to make one. I'm wondering if I should go ahead and upgrade my phone now or if it's worth waiting for a deal through OMA. So, I'm interested in two things: 1. What plans do they have? If you could post a screenshot with the info that would be amazing!! 2. What is the discount (if any) on an iPhone 12? Thanks!
  2. Hi, a few questions. (1) Do medical students qualify for any unique parking privileges on campus or at the hospitals in London? Are parking passes reserved for medical students? (It says in this FAQ that Windsor does this, nothing about London). (2) Regarding parking permits at UWO, they are sold by zones. Which zone is best for medical students? Thanks!
  3. Hey, the QnA PDF addresses this as well. Q. Where should I go to obtain a Standard First Aid certification and CPR -Ccertification? A: First Aid courses andCPR courses are widely available. You are also welcome to take courses off-campus at a variety of locations (e.g. your local Red Cross or Heart & Stroke Foundation, local post-secondary or municipal recreation department, etc.).In 2021, online courses such as those offered by SimpleCPR are acceptable.
  4. Declined OOP offer at VFMP earlier today. Congrats to whoever gets it!
  5. Hi all, I have the fortune of picking between these two medical schools. Expense and location does not matter to me, really. I'm not someone who goes out a ton and living expenses isn't a concern to me if it means a better education. My main reason for wanting to choose Western is that I live in Ontario and I could visit my family every so often pretty easily. I'd love to hear from students who can talk about (1) what do you think makes your school's curriculum great, (2) how supportive is the faculty (specifically in terms of guiding students who have no mentors or family in medicin
  6. Hi all, I was wondering how to go about finding housing for London. Specifically, where could I find a 1 bedroom place in a location that wouldnt necessitate a car, at least in preclerkship years - assuming such a location exists). Any recommendations and advice is much appreciated. Thanks
  7. I have a preferred name and a legal name. I was filling out the name change application and I'm a little hesitant of going through with it because it because of the inconvenience it might cause in the future when my driver's license, health card, etc. are a different name than my legal name. If medical schools are pretty good with using preferred names (i.e. it's the name written on name tags/pins, lab coats, attendance sheets, etc.) I'd prefer to not change it legally. Otherwise I'll go through with the application. (I am attending Western this Fall, so if someone from there can comment
  8. It says "If you accept the Wait List and if you plan to be away for any period of time between now and August 31, 2021" then make an Authorized Contact. Is this what you're referring to?
  9. On the Western student portal, under contact information where it says "Your Current Telephone Number", mine says None. But when I click it, it lists my phone number. Is this the same for anyone else?
  10. @rmorelando you know when Schulich starts moving the waitlist? Last year the waitlist didn't move until the 28th. same
  11. Finding a roommate seems like a daunting task, and the costs of getting a bad roommate are huge. I was wondering if many students choose to live on their own? Would you recommend someone live with a roommate or on their own? Thanks
  12. Congrats!!! Mind checking your messages? Just sent a question
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