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  1. Hi everyone! Thank you for the feedback. Time is not an issue. Although I do have some debt, I was fortunate to get full scholarships for the BHSc and MSc and half of the DDS was supported by my parents. I am also happily married with a baby girl. I do not enjoy manual dexterity at all and unfortunately all of dentistry is very surgical/hands on in nature with a high focus on esthetics/cosmetic dentistry and with time leads to practice ownership. I regret not withdrawing from the program back in first year as soon as I realized that this isn't for me and therefore I cannot dedicat
  2. It's been quite the journey. I completed a BHSc in 2015 with a 3.95 cGPA, MSc (4.0 GPA) and am now finishing a DDS at an Ontario school. Although I went into the program expecting to be a dentist, I always had medicine at the back of mind and accepted the offer because I was rejected pre-interview. I convinced myself to stay for a few years to see if the profession would grow on me but as I'm finishing my third year I still feel that medicine would be a much stronger fit for me. I love patient management, diagnosing and treatment planning but am not happy in a profession where the majority of
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