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  1. @anyone who has accepted Uofa PT (either Calg or edmonton) - have you received your official letter from FGSR, or are still waiting like me ? If so, is it email or mailed letter?
  2. I will be declining my Mac PT offer for my UofA PT offer - Calgary Campus. This should create some movement in the Mac PT waitlist. Best of luck everyone!
  3. Hi there, although I can't necessarily answer your question (I'm in 4th year), I want to let you know that you shouldn't let this forum get to you... this forum represents a small subset of individuals and doesn't fully represent all applicants so try not to worry too much! I get it - it can be overwhelming seeing stats, etc. but be proud of where you've gotten (this year has been so hard and we should be proud that we simply survived it, regardless of grades, etc!). YOU GOT THIS!
  4. Does anyone have any idea how UofAlberta converts Ontario percentile grades to their letter grade system? I was referring to the ORPAS conversion table to find the letter grade and then finding what that letter on the table equates to at UofA but unsure if that is correct. If any one knows, that'd be great!
  5. Was your second year categorized as **Average**. Because in order to achieve the 20 credits, they must average the remaining credits. So if you have 5.0 courses 4th year fall + 10.0 courses 3rd year fall/winter, your GPA average of your entire second year will be the remaining 5.0 credits = 20
  6. I only received an email from McMaster as well! maybe other universities don't provide you with a login because I'm sure they would have by now!
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