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  1. Honestly I have no idea, when doing my own research, I came across someone that got in with a 3.4 cGPA, but from what I remember they had a lot of experience, and extracurriculars. UCC takes a very Holistic approach, and I know they place great emphasis on your letters of recommendation, your statement of interest, and seeing whether or not you have improved over the years during undergrad. To put it into perspective, I had a friend who applied with a 3.9 cGPA, with barley any extracurriculars/shadowing, and she submitted her application early January. She ended up getting accepted by a Canad
  2. Hey Everyone! I am currently in my first year at UCC (BDSG1 4-Year Grad entry)! Thought I'd give you a bit of info and answer some of your concerns! There's around 25 of us from Canada, but you share half your classes with some of the 5-year Irish students! Very few offers came out in February last year, I received mine early March. From what I know, Full year Anatomy is a requirement for the 4-year program, I know somebody in the 5 year program who specifically did not get in to Grad-Entry because of Anatomy, he is however waiving most of the courses he had done, so he has a pretty light
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