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  1. Also got rejected from Mac OT. Good luck to everyone else:) But starting to worry about how competitive this year is for GPAs.. does anyone know if toronto or western have a more holistic admissions process or do they mainly rely on sub gpa too? (do they actually consider your achievements or experiences) thanks!
  2. Just wondering if any current OT students could explain how online classes are going? How many times have you actually had to be on campus/in person (not including placements)?? If any Mac, Queens, Western, or Toronto students could reply that would be awesome! Just curious incase next year is online too
  3. Omg awesome!! Glad theres others out there with similar sGPA! Good luck with everything, i hope it works out for you! Definitely dont look through it lol, its very hard not to compare yourself to everyone else! Plus not everyone posts on these threads anyways so the stats you see on there wouldnt reflect the whole applicant pool, thats what ive been telling myself anyways ahah. Plus its a new round of applications so applicant pool will be different hopefully:)
  4. Hi everyone! I am an OT hopeful, but I starting to doubt myself after going through last years thread and seeing everyones stats. Just wanted to post mine to see how many ppl are in a similar boat as me! Applied (All OT): Mac, Western, Queens, and Toronto. Accepted: Waitlist: Rejected: My sub gpa is 3.71. My strengths and background include: A placement with the heart & stroke foundation where I helped run a set of events for retirement centres in my uni town, to help increase physical activity among older adults and promote the importance of heart hea
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