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  1. Did anyone else get an interview invite for UofA's PT program? & message me if you'd like to do some MMI prepping!
  2. Hello, Does anyone know the time allotted to prepare and answer the questions for the Kira Talent Interview? Thanks!
  3. Yeah I guess so, I only have 3 semesters of classes that they would be using. But from what they told me, they wont go back further into your transcript to fulfill the credits then they normally would.
  4. I emailed them about this a while ago and they told me they wont go back further to fulfill the credits, they will just use less
  5. Hi! Applied to: (UBC OT) (OT/PT McMaster) (OT/PT Western) (OT/PT U of A) Volunteer experience: KGH Foundation for a summer, a semester for Brain in Motion II study helping older adults follow an exercise regimen, and over 200 hours working in physical literacy programs for kids with special needs. Work Experience: OT practicum and PT practicum 80 hours each. OT - school age practicum for kids with disabilities and PT practicum in a multidisciplinary clinic with different populations. Currently working as an EA for a child with special needs, which allows me to work closely with
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