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  1. Pour McGill, tu as le plus haut gpa et le programme n'a pas d'influence (pas d'ifg). Honnêtement, j'appliquerais si j'étais toi à toute les université qui t'intéressent! On ne connait pas vraiment les IFG de UdeM, les cohortes changent chaque année... Faut pas laisser les forums influencer ta confiance!
  2. A DEC seems to be between 28 and 32 credits according to this info: https://www.sram.qc.ca/diplome-etudes-collegiales/conditions-pour-obtention-dun-dec
  3. Hey Josh, I went in the Date and fees sections, its seems that the last date was Oct 19th. I am so sorry... Last possible test date available for all selected schools: Oct 19, 2021 - 5:00 PM EDT The table below shows all available test dates for your school(s): NOTE: Only one test is required to apply to all schools listed below. School & Program Test Dates Distribution Deadline ID Requirements Admissions Cycle Altus Suite University of Alberta
  4. @bellejolie, in your experience, can fam doc work part-time in Qc right out of residency, like 30 hours a week? I always wondered if its a possibility or you can only do this after years? Thanks!
  5. Do you have a trusted coworker that you can ask to act as your verifier? This is what I did, but I had been working at the same company for 15 years and could trust several coworkers with my med school project and knew they would not tell the boss. Also, McGill asks for 4-5 verifiers, so you don't have to list a verifier for every entry. See here, at the end of the document, where this is mentionned: https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/files/medadmissions/cvmd_verl_instructions_to_candidates-eng-v2.pdf I really don't think its super risky not to include your actual job. I think peopl
  6. Hi @FutureYodaMD! Honestly, if its your dream, the only way to have no regrets is to apply! Your application seems pretty good to me! You can always apply to the french schools also (but I understand the McGill med dream!)! Every cohort is different and your gpa is higher now! I you don't apply, then you don't have a shot. I absolutely encourage you to go for it! If it does not work, you can go from there, and you will no ask yourself "what if I applied" 10 years from now!!
  7. You can look at the Carms website for the program description/universities offering +1. https://www.carms.ca/match/family-medicine-enhanced-skills-match/program-descriptions/ Some universities also offer other programs that do not require a carms application and are usually shorter than 1 year. Those programs are usually presented in the enhanced skills programs section on university websites.
  8. @frenchpress, thank you, this is very helpful! I did not know there were info sessions during CaRMS, this is interesting!
  9. Thanks so much @frenchpress!! Wow, that GP obstetric schedule must be exhausting!! So if I understand well, the CARMS descriptions give information on call requirements, on service and off services rotations, etc? Thanks!!
  10. Hello! I would love to get more info on the work hours per week for FM residency! I understand this is site and rotation dependent but I would appreciate to have a general idea about the kind of hours FM residents are working! Thank you so much!
  11. @shikimate, thank you for the precisions! I will definitively look up the ressources you are mentionning! And read about CRUB65!!
  12. @shikimate, thank you! Love your advice!! I always wonder how students know what is high yield (other than by looking at study guides)? Are the professors mentionning what is important during classes? I am afraid I wont be able to distinguish what is important and what is not in all the material!
  13. @robclem21, thank you so much!! This is priceless!!
  14. Hi everyone! I was thinking it would be great if people that are going through/went through med school could share their best advice for incoming MS1... school/personnal life balance, study tips, how to maintain physical/mental health, anything goes! Your wisdom is needed!! Thank you all so much!!
  15. Hi! I would love to know: are the orientation days full days at McGill, typically? Or half-days? Thank you!
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