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  1. Thanks so much for the explanation! Yes, I guess online interviews helps a lot when you apply broadly! It would be great if they kept online interviews options in the future!
  2. Thanks so much @keipop for the precisions!! I find it very sad that people go unmatched because they apply to FM as a backup... So what if they are more interested in ortho? Matching in a specialty seems so competitive, its so normal that people also apply to FM. The director should not be influenced by that in my opinion, as they would still make amazing FM doctor! I cannot imagine that after 4 grueling years in med school, those candidates go unmatched.
  3. Hello! I am very much intrigued about the carms application process. I read some of the carms report and the algorithm seem pretty complicated and some applicants don't match, which must be very stressful! I have 2 specific questions: -since there are more seats in med school in Quebec, are there more residency spots that will be open? I know the Qc gov wants to have more people in family medicine, but if people apply and are left unmatched, this does not seem to help with the initial problem of shortage of FM physician. -How many programs/locations are carms aplicants app
  4. The rural spots are prem or residency spots? I know there are a lot of inoccupied prem im regions. Its the residency spots that I find more concerning, since there are lots of student that already don't match in a residency spot every year.
  5. If there are 140 more students admitted, I hope there will be an adjustment in the residency spots also. Carms already seem to be a super competitve process, so if more places in med school mean more people that don't match in the end, then its not a positive thing at all, imo.
  6. I don't know about the 2 applications but I do think the other programs will look at your casper, if its the same type of casper thats is needed for those programs. However, if I remember well, you have to pay a fee to casper to send your application to each specific program and you can add more programs as long as its for the same application cycle, if I remember well. I don't think the casper date will matter much, since again, its the same application cycle. You should definitively verify to make sure casper sent the results to all the programs!
  7. @JohnGrisham, I am definitively looking at other career options in healthcare. Nursing would be a great option, I am pretty sure I would love it. However it has a really bad rep in the Qc province. I have lots of friends in nursing and they all burn out one after the other, which is sad. The lack of control on the schedule is the aspect that bothers me the most with med school... I work in the private sector now and the schedule is super impredictable. and I really dislike it! I regularly work long hours and when I think I have found a balance, it gets thrown off by a new project..., I
  8. Thanks @bearded frog! I'm looking at different avenues, daycare options, etc.. And as you mentionned, now I am trying to evaluate if I am up to the challenge! reading the thread about clerkship hours, I am freaking out a little bit!! Thanks for your positive outlook!!
  9. I deferred my admission and I'm supposed to start next fall but yes, I am freaking out reading this...
  10. @MDee2B, those are excellent points to consider! I am in field were the job prospects are pretty low, because there arent a lot of jobs. However, I have 10 years of experience in the field which would make it a bit easier to find something if I had to quit med school for some reason. Asking for a sabbatical is not really a possibility. I am in the private sector so its not something they would offer I think. I might ask my boss but he is retiring in a year so his succesor could change his/her mind about me if my actual boss grants me a sabbatical. Its worth asking though! Indeed, I am try
  11. @Deferred, could I pm you so we can chat on the mama in med school questions? no pressure! Thanks!
  12. Hi! Its exactly what I am trying to evaluate, do it or not, would I regret it or not... There are definitively trade offs that will need to be made and med school seem to be a huge time commitment... I feel that universities are really not geared toward older students with a family and I am also a bit deterred by it! Let me know if you find some info!! I am very interested on the topic! I understand you are also a parent and want to go for FM?
  13. @alex686, your mom is extremely inspiring! Thanks for sharing! Its wonderful that you had a great experience through your mom med school training! This is what is concerning me the most, its important for me to have quality time with my kids and that they feel they are my top priority! Goodluck on your med school application! Where did you apply to? Its such an exciting time!
  14. Thanks @blah1234, a dose of reality is exactly what I need to make this decision!!
  15. Thanks @ceelbe! Good luck on your application! I will keep in touch for sure!!
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