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  1. @frenchpress, thank you, this is very helpful! I did not know there were info sessions during CaRMS, this is interesting!
  2. Thanks so much @frenchpress!! Wow, that GP obstetric schedule must be exhausting!! So if I understand well, the CARMS descriptions give information on call requirements, on service and off services rotations, etc? Thanks!!
  3. Hello! I would love to get more info on the work hours per week for FM residency! I understand this is site and rotation dependent but I would appreciate to have a general idea about the kind of hours FM residents are working! Thank you so much!
  4. @shikimate, thank you for the precisions! I will definitively look up the ressources you are mentionning! And read about CRUB65!!
  5. @shikimate, thank you! Love your advice!! I always wonder how students know what is high yield (other than by looking at study guides)? Are the professors mentionning what is important during classes? I am afraid I wont be able to distinguish what is important and what is not in all the material!
  6. @robclem21, thank you so much!! This is priceless!!
  7. Hi everyone! I was thinking it would be great if people that are going through/went through med school could share their best advice for incoming MS1... school/personnal life balance, study tips, how to maintain physical/mental health, anything goes! Your wisdom is needed!! Thank you all so much!!
  8. Hi! I would love to know: are the orientation days full days at McGill, typically? Or half-days? Thank you!
  9. The results are on the cma_docs instragram account.
  10. Yes, dissapointing. I wont be using it. I feel like the worst colors are chosen now...
  11. Is it possible to see the schedule after you register for the courses? I haven't completed registration yet but I think I saw a schedule builder or something like that on minerva. I would also love to see a general schedule!
  12. They keep showing a grey bag on instagram cma_docs stories... Is this a sign?...
  13. Hi! Is there an official FB Group for the MDCM class of 2025? Anyone hear about this? Thanks so much!
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