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  1. Hello @McGillMedAmbassadors! I was looking at the curriculum schema and I was wondering what is the meaning of : R and E1 (1 week). Is it revision and exam, or something like that? A week to study followed by and exam? Thanks so much!!
  2. What are you study strategy at the moment? I read a book by Brown, Roediger and McDaniel and it was very interesting since its about scientifically proven study strategy that can enhance long term learning, like testing, active recall, spaced repetition, etc... There are several scientific articles about the same subjects on the internet. You can slowly integrate the study methods in your actual strategy and see what works for you!
  3. The campus is new, so I am pretty sure that in 3 years those spots will be pretty much filled when the students finish the MDCM program!
  4. I just saw this on the cma_docs instagram: That mention at the bottom that the total number of unmatched applicants grows each year is freaking me out! I am starting this fall as a non traditionnal student and this is making me think twice about med school. Honestly, working so hard for 4 years and not matching... I have kids to support, I am already stressing out about carms! There is also more med school position now, which is great, and more opening up in the next years, so with the same residency spots and more applicants, this is going to be terrible in 3-4 years!! -
  5. The unmatched % in the first round is alarming at McGill... I hope the "favouring your own" is there to stay!
  6. McGill seem to be more course based, with small groups. U de M teaching is done with APP- Apprentissages par problèmes. McGill curriculum schema is here: https://www.mcgill.ca/ugme/files/ugme/mdcm_schema_2020-02-07_en.pdf For umontrea you can find some info here https://medecine.umontreal.ca/etudes/doctorat-en-medecine/structure-du-programme/ with the student schedule here: https://md.umontreal.ca/. If you click on année préparatoire, préclinique, externat, etc, you will have access to the schedule. I have no idea about extra curricular activities and residency match.
  7. For the french schools, I think that you could take some course in a "strong" program and get your gpa higher. I am not sure but I think you don't have to complete the whole degree. You should definitively check all the school requirements and make a plan to have your best shot at med school!
  8. For McGill, the program does not matter, just the gpa, CV, Casper and MMI. Did you apply to McGill this cycle? I heard of people getting in with lower gpa in McGill. You can also provide a letter of attenuating circumstance if your gpa can be explained by some personal difficulties or other reasons that they can take into account when evaluating your application. Your gpa is great in my opinion, its just that med school gpa seem to be getting higher and higher... Another undergrad would probably be your best option, or maybe apply to McGill if you did not try. I know nothing about the MC
  9. If you feel like you are so depressed that you cannot get out of bed, maybe get some help first. The pandemic and life in general can be very difficult and sometimes we need outside help to get keep our head out of the water. Please take care of yourself!! As for what other people say, the best advice I can give is stop thinking about it... You are there depressed and they are carrying on with their lives... its no not worth it... Comparing yourself to other never brings anything positive. If you want to go to med school, maybe start looking at the steps you have to take and do some
  10. Some people might not be comfortable conducting interviews or they just have a more serious nature!... I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with your performance! I find that its harder to be natural with remote interviews. I had some jobs interviews recently and it was weird!! I am usually ok with interviews but its so different over the computer!
  11. @Caramel, merci beaucoup pour ta réponse détaillée! J'apprécie vraiment!! Ça me donne une meilleure idée de l'horaire des rotations cliniques et de la résidence! Merci pour les trucs également!
  12. Bonjour à tous! J'ai posé ma question sur le forum anglais mais ça touche plus le Québec alors je la repose ici. Je me demandais, ceux qui font les rotations cliniques, avec l'étude, les examens, etc, et les longues heures, ainsi que la résidence avec les gardes, le travail 1 week end sur 2, les journées de 16h, je me demandais comment vous faites pour y arriver? Par exemple, une résidente que je connais en med fam me disait qu'elle fait souvent des 16h et termine donc à minuit, puis doit retrourner chez elle, prendre sa douche, manger, lire sur ses cas, etc... puis être de retour à max 8h le
  13. Hello everyone! So I have been looking around for info and asking questions about the clerkship and residency schedule policies. I am wondering, how do you all handle the tiredness and weariness of those demanding years? I am in Qc so my understanding is that during residency, the max hours is 16h/days with 8 hours of rest between shifts and you work every other week end. So during the 8 hours of rest, you have to go home from the clinical site, possibly eat and study/read and sleep... Which does not leave a lot of time to rest and sleep! I work about 65h week at the moment and I am pretty exh
  14. Thanks so much for the explanation! Yes, I guess online interviews helps a lot when you apply broadly! It would be great if they kept online interviews options in the future!
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