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  1. I don't think anyone holds you accountable for actually updating your gpa. As long as they received the graduate transcripts through orpas, I believe they do the manually recalculation themselves! Hope that helps
  2. Yeah! U of T for pt actually emailed me today letting me know who was responsible for manually updating my orpas gpa if I had graduate course. I believe only u of t pt and mac pt are the only programs that use graduate grades!
  3. Hey! So mac and u of t include graduate grades so I manually calculated. I did email to ask them if they could verify what gpa they've calculated so I'm waiting on a response. Thanks, you as well!
  4. Applied (PT): Western, Mac, UofT, Queens | PT/PhD: Mac, Western s-GPA (Queens + Western): 3.85, s-GPA (Mac + UofT): 3.90 70 hours volunteering in outpatient PT clinic, summer research student at Mount Sinai Hospital, 4 years of mentorship experience, finishing up my MSc. working in cardiac rehabilitation! I think I did "OK" on CASPer, won't really know since it doesn't get released. Hoping to get into the dual programs as my first choice! Best of luck everyone!
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