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  1. Thanks, guys. I woke up early today after taking the day yesterday and decided to not mope around. I have been writing drafts for 4 hours today. Just have to get through this. I am forcing myself to remember that I just have to present myself the best way possible and that I can't give up after the near decade I've spent on this medical journey. Thanks for the encouragement and advice.
  2. I'm applying to a moderately competitive specialty and family medicine. I've been working on my personal letters but really struggling with them ever since they came out. I haven't even started first drafts on all of the essays I wanted to write. I'm overtaken by how unqualified I am. What patient stories do I have to share? I'm nothing special and I don't have any remarkable stories about advocating for patients or cinching the diagnosis for a rare disease or being special in any way. The patient encounters that I remember most fondly are really just the ones where we built relationship
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