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  1. There is a Anki deck in the med school anki lounge subreddit that covers all the Canadian Qbanks and practice exams. I know it isn't covering Toronto notes but just incase people are interested in that here is the link~ https://www.**DELETED**.com/r/medicalschoolanki/comments/jp5g7l/canki_a_new_anki_deck_based_on_canada_q_bank_and/ Ps~All for a Toronto Notes deck as well!
  2. Monash does not require the MCAT for their graduate entry 4 year MD program https://oztrekk.com/programs/medicine/monash-university-bachelor-of-medical-science-doctor-of-medicine-graduate-entry/
  3. Most schools will give you some time during either you're 3rd or 4th year to do electives in NA. You can also do electives on your break between 3rd and 4th year. You apply via the AFMC portal for Canada or to the specific hospital for the US (after doing lots of research to see which ones take international students). It's doable but you have to plan very far in advance and be willing to spend the $$ on travel, housing and cost of the electives.
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