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  1. Hey everyone! I applied to Mac OT, Queens PT, Queens OT, Western PT, and Western OT and did not receive a single offer. I am feeling discouraged since this is my second time applying. My cumulative GPA was a 3.38 and my sub gpa was a 3.65. Unfortunately my gpa was lowered since orpas had to average my entire 3rd year and use that value to make up my last few courses. I am debating on going back to upgrade a couple courses again and reapplying, or just going to school abroad. I have 40 hours working at a physiotherapy clinic, 3 months of experience working at a chiropractor clinic before
  2. So I am applying to OT in Ontario and I was confused as to how they calculated my subGPA. My last 5 courses would have ended at winter of 2019. However, they averaged my entire winter 2019 and fall 2018 (third year) to make up the remaining 5 courses. Is this right? I thought they would only average the entire year if my 20th course ended up being in the middle of a semester? I was expecting my GPA to be around 3.78, but with the way they calculated it I have a 3.65 subgpa right now. Do you think I have any chance at getting accepted to UBC, McMaster, Western, or Queens for OT? Im not su
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