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  1. Thank you for your post, this would definitely make a difference to my decision-making and it is a good point. I cannot find any further information about this. A march article in CFP discusses that change is needed, but it does not actually state whether or not they plan to extend the residency. I wonder, would CCFP not need to provide some advanced warning, such "this will apply to anyone starting medicine 202X or later"? I just don't see how they could change it without letting people know before they enter medicine. If it was three years, some (albeit few) would actually choose not to pur
  2. Ok thank you, that's useful to know Maybe by the time I'm a physician all these FFS billing models will be changed anyway and I should stop trying to make projections!
  3. Ok, thanks very much for your input! I've talked to some family physicians that said 20 is about their max per day so that's what is guiding my thinking. I can imagine 40 patients at a walk-in clinic once per week, but can't imagine that 4d/wk. My post may sound like I don't want to work hard, but it's just down to missing time with my children or being burnt out and not actually enjoying life. Plus financially, I don't want to be worse-off than in my current profession. I'm in a fortunate position to have this opportunity, but sometimes I wish someone could tell me what to do ha ha. If it was
  4. I was looking at the conservative side of this: 250K minus 30% overhead, provides 170k before taxes (about 115k after tax, no deductions). for about 150 patients over 4.5 days/wk...that seems actually a lot of hard work - doesn't that volume of patients per week burn you out for around 115k after taxes? Especially if there are no weeks of vacation. Or is 35 patients per day very typical and not completely exhausting (from a non-physician, it sounds exhausting, like running from room to room!)? Or maybe it is not so bad because you love what you do? The numbers I see on here are so variab
  5. Ah ok, thanks for clarifying. I thought it was something they had said about not being well compensated (which is obv relative and subjective). Family medicine is actually the only option I'm considering and have similar questions to what you have posted here.
  6. Thanks for this!! when you say "$250-300K", is that gross, before overhead? And I assume that is 5d/wk with little vacation?
  7. Just curious, but when they say that "their take home is not much", is that just meaning "not much" relative to some specialties? I mean some may consider a take home of say 175k as "not much", while others would say 220k, others 120k, is not much. I am not trying to disagree with these sentiments, as it does seem like family physicians need to work a lot of hours, just wondering if you know approximate ball-park numbers?
  8. Thanks for your reply - sounds like maybe I do need both. And maybe throw in a career counsellor to help me decide! That's good to know about being Incorporated, I didn't realise that it might be beneficial to avoid that. Thanks.
  9. Thank-you! I earn around 110k gross, with amazing holidays. I would be starting practice at 47yr. I'm able to do basic calculations, but I have never been good at financial matters and that's why I was hoping to hire someone. Interesting that it might be worth it at 1.5x, that's good to know. Hopefully an accountant can help me figure it all out!
  10. Ok great, thanks - helpful to know that I should be looking for an accountant and not a financial planner! I will look in to MNP, thank you for your input!
  11. Hi there, can anyone recommend a financial advisor for the following: I need to compare year by year expenses/earnings for potential family medicine career versus my current career. I need to calculate where the break even point is for pursuing medicine and make sure that I won't be setting back my family financially. I am a non-trad with a family & starting med school in my early 40s, so I need to make sure all the sacrifice will be worth it, ie. I won't be worse off financially in the long run. I have made my own spreadsheets, done yearly budgets, included losses while not earning, etc.
  12. Thanks for your reply! Yes it might be better suited for someone like me, interested in more family time outside of hours and no +1. Although not so much if you’re not trained well, I think maximizing learning during work hours is what I meant. I still have lots of time to check out the program and learn more. Thanks again
  13. Yes, FM. I have two young children, already in 40s. If I did not really enjoy my current job, medicine would be a no-brainer.....but I have a good career and I wonder if moms that went through with young ones might think it’s not worth the time missing out on family. Perhaps they see my lifestyle and think it’s better, and I should stay put, who knows. I’m sure they love being a physician, but I would love to hear if they think it will be worth the “family sacrifice”, as kids grow so fast (I appreciate that ppl without children might think that’s crazy - I would not have understood or related
  14. I know this is an old thread - does this still exist? I couldn’t find it on FB! But would be interested in gaining more insight before I take the plunge
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