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  1. Why did you change your post? I saw your first post here an hour ago and all of your stats were entirely different. I have a screenshot of it.
  2. Specialty programs is U of T and specialty procedures is Western? How about research? And, who has the better facilities?
  3. I know that the interviewers all vary, but having interviewers who are friendly and conversational goes a long way to making a potential student feel comfortable. I do feel strongly that all of the interviewers should have had the same style, be it conversational or stone faced. Also, even though there are 180 hopefuls to get through, there seemed to be such a variance in types of questions. Is there not a way to give all of us similarly easy or difficult questions?
  4. Do you feel that you fully answered the questions? Was there anything that you stumbled over or felt like you weren't able to articulate well? Did your assessors give any acknowledgement whatsoever?
  5. I thought it was really hard. I didn't have a single question about dentistry.
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