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  1. i think it will be the same sort of format as the invite; formal letter attached as a pdf. Not sure though!
  2. have a gut feeling that we won't get our results today.. :/
  3. I heard that in the past it was 60GPA 30interview 10DAT but it's probs a little different now since we have the essay+casper components as well
  4. agreed. I'm wondering if they standardize all the interview scores for each interviewer?....say 1 interviewer gives an average score of 80%, while the other give an average score of 50%; do they standardize this somehow?
  5. about my interview: - not traditional questions...lots of curve balls. Was definitely more difficult than I expected - confident about maybe one question LOL - lasted 20 minutes - stuttered so much :,) - almost no smiling until the end - some people said it was conversational...? think mine was pretty formal :/ probs a bad thing
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