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  1. Yes I wrote the exam. I’m pretty well fluent, I don’t see the French course requirement anywhere in my conditions
  2. Agreed. Felt pretty good about most of my answers. for anyone who hasn’t taken it yet, don’t stress too much!
  3. I haven’t even gotten a student number or “Thanks for your application” email from them or Queens yet
  4. My Mac Mosaic is showing a owe 50$ so I think that means I have an interview? Haven’t received the email yet though
  5. The date I was referring to (Feb 19) is mentioned for PT on their site https://healthsci.mcmaster.ca/srs-pt/education/future-students/admission
  6. As per Mac's important dates, interview invites should be out sometime today... Good luck everyone! *they did say the date was subject to change
  7. Applied: Western, Uottawa, Queens, McMaster, UofT (all PT) Sub GPA: 3.60. Again not high and it's stressing me out, one dang low mark in a class I worked by butt off in brought it down cGPA: 3.53... I also see a 2.94 (not happy with that) because I first attempted an undergrad in 2014 and was not ready for university at the time. I think they are including that in the 2.94.Went to college and got a diploma (did really well, 3.9 GPA) and went back to uni in a different field. If you just take my most recent undergraduate degree it's 3.53. Can anyone clarify which one they will look a
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