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  1. I was wondering if anyone knows if the OT class schedule at UoT changes much? Or would it relatively stay the same as the one currently posted (for the 2020-2021 year)
  2. Its okay, this year especially was incredibly tough! If I have any advise its honestly getting a job in research or any health setting. My GPA was on the lower end and I got into UoT OT solely (I believe at least) for my experience as I did a fourth year thesis, a masters degree and work in dietary in long term care which allowed me to see these different rehabilitations used in everyday scenarios! I also was confident I wasn't going to get in this year so I contacted a few OT's at my work and around my home and set up volunteering which would have turned into an actual job with them if I
  3. Applied: OT McMaster, UofTAccepted: UoT (St. George Campus)Waitlisted: Rejected: McMasterGPA:c-gpa: 3.41 and s-gpa: 3.69 I honestly lost all hope when I saw my sGPA haha and knew Mac was out of the question. For my UoT essay and personal submission I touched personal experiences with my family needing OTs, along with my work in LTC. I also have prior research experience conducting human trials and assessing lipid digestion in males throughout my masters degree. I'm so excited to start at UoT and am looking forward to meeting friends lol. See you in September! Congrats ev
  4. Congrats!! I got into UoT and got STG campus through email a few minutes ago! Should come soon!
  5. Does yours and @OT-InTheMaking-2020both say OT MSOT2 for degree code? Im wondering if the number 2 identifies campus
  6. Ok I have one too! Is this the first time you've logged in and seen it? Or have you logged in before and nothing was there? Just want to make sure its legit haha
  7. Toronto did say that they weight GPA more heavily than other things for the admission process. Not sure if this is normal, or new due to COVID
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