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  1. Toronto did say that they weight GPA more heavily than other things for the admission process. Not sure if this is normal, or new due to COVID
  2. Okay thanks guys! Mine is now too.. i was just worried they closed it or something haha
  3. Does your mosaic still have a green circle or did they change it after they emailed you about not getting in? Also sorry about not getting in.. this year is insanely competitive! Hopefully next year will be better
  4. I have a 3.76 and still waiting to hear.. hopefully soon for us (or at least a waitlist!) good luck!!
  5. I havent heard anything yet, I checked the site and they changed it from interviews coming out March 1.. to coming out the WEEK of March 1
  6. Hey! i have the same sGPA as you and am just wondering if you got accepted off either waitlists?
  7. Hey! I was wondering if you could answer a question for me about Mac courses for OT. I know at UoT classes run basically Monday-Friday all day, is this the same for Mac? Or is the schedule completely different? Thanks
  8. Hey! McMaster will send out their invites on March 1 I believe. UoT, Western and I believe also Queens you won't hear anything till May 14 when they send out acceptances. Hope this helps
  9. Okay thanks! Do you know if Mac also holds you responsible for manually updating the orpas GPA as well for graduate courses?
  10. Oh okay thanks! I applied to OT at UoT and they I'm pretty sure they don't take grad school grades. I'm guessing its different for PT?
  11. Hey! Did you calculate your Mac GPA or did they give it to you? Best of luck with the admission process!
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