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  1. Hi!, I actually didn't shadow any OTs but had a lot of experience working with vulnerable populations. I ended up getting into 2 schools and waitlisted at another
  2. I just got an email this morning saying I got a spot for this year's program!! Also there has been years in past where all 20 waitlist applicants got a seat... so don't lose hope just yet
  3. Hi Everyone, I have accepted my offer to UoT OT but i'm still holding out to get off the waitlist at UBC OT (I'm #1 so fingers crossed) and if so there will be an open spot at UoT!
  4. Hi Everyone! I got an email from David this morning saying that one person has been moved off the waitlist- so now I am #1. He also stated that some years there has been no movement so it's hard to predict whether or not some of us will get in Fingers crossed!
  5. Hi! Unfortunately no i haven't, but I just emailed David to ask if there has been any movement- I'll keep ya posted on his reply
  6. oh wow that changes things for sure, I wonder how many there were
  7. Hi! Someone on Monday did inquire with department and they said there has been no movement- however someone who was #3 on the waitlist posted that they are accepting an offer somewhere else.
  8. Hi! Thanks so much. I've seen people post who are OOP or already on the waitlist accept offers to other schools, but there hasn't been any talk about waitlisted applicants getting offers. I'm just so curious if it will move much
  9. I just got accepted at UoT (ORPAS) and waitlisted at Mac (EMAIL)- no response from Western yet!!
  10. Hi! I'm pretty sure that the waitlist for in province is 20 ppl, out of province is 5, and i'm assuming 5 for international?
  11. Hi! I'm number 2 on the waitlist and I haven't heard anything. Hopefully in 10 days when Ontario schools offer seats we will hear something
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