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  1. I didn't specifically contact those schools, however they didn't explicitly state that they look at course loads for their applicants like UoA. I just completed my interview at McMaster and I took an extra year to complete my degree.
  2. Hi! I contacted UBC asking them about this after I read that UoA favourites those that completed there degrees in four years with full course loads, but they said they do not take that into consideration and i'm sure other schools are the same!
  3. Hi, i'm a BC resident and i'm second on the waitlist, so fingers crossed. I didn't realize there was a separate waitlist for out of province
  4. Hi Sorry for the confusion, I am just using a statistic that I have seen on a few University's websites- where they recommend applicants to have a competitive gpa of at least 84%.
  5. Hi, I dont think so, the consent thing we signed made it sounds like we weren't supposed to do anything that could potentially allow us to record the questions,
  6. Hey! This is my first year applying but I have talked to a lot of people who have done the program. Your experience definitely helps and will help you stand out. But unfortunately it only helps you stand out if you make it past the gpa cut off, so if you're right at 84% for your average there is still a good chance taking into account your experiences. I had one friend who didn't get in her first year and didn't even get waitlisted but re did a few classes to boost up her gpa and she got in the following year. I have another friend who had a gpa similar to yours and she did not redo classes af
  7. Hey! Im #2 and apparently there's 20 spots which is new, there used to only be about 5 a few years a go.
  8. Okay awesome! My average is 88 and I have 2 years worth of experience as a support worker and also a lot of personal experience. Do you know anyone else who got in, and if waitlist moves much? Thanks!
  9. I'm not sure, but I would assume so since they save a certain amount of seat for NRC. But that being said I don't know if that is the case for international students as well/
  10. Hi everyone! Hi everyone! I'm curious who got waitlisted and accepted fr UBC
  11. That's amazing! Im second on the waitlist. Do you mind sharing your average and experience?:)
  12. I just got waitlisted for UBC OT, I'm #2 so fingers crossed! I heard it doesn't move much so I have no idea what my chances are.
  13. Hey, Try not to get discourage! Also the information on this forum is not 100% accurate. I know people personally who did not have the most competitive s-gpa but had a lot of work/volunteer experience that got into Western. Each school is different and they know that most people apply to multiple Ontario schools, they all emphasize different things, if they didn't then the same people would get into each program.
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