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  1. Hello guys, I know that many people here in the forums say that there’s no objective “easy” major to pick during your UG, and I agree, we all have different skills and courses that I may find easy won’t necessarily be as easy for you. However, since most students don’t get accepted to medical schools after their first application cycle, I’d like to be wise and choose a second UG that will land me jobs in case my medical journey leads to failures only. I have always been good at biology, and so my first choice was to pick a biology major, but I keep hearing that
  2. Hey @bearded frog, I thought about doing this as well since my GPA from my first degree is not good at all, however I thought that most medical schools in Canada require you to be enrolled in a bachelor's degree program where you already declared your major no?
  3. Yes, I am aware of that but my plan is to not transfer any credits in Concordia and actually study the pre reqs that McGill (and other medical schools) require to apply
  4. Thank you so much for your suggestions! I think I will speak to Concordia first though, if they can accept my credentials for a second bachelors degree then might as well study it there rather than wasting time in cegeps for McGill’s second degree ☺️
  5. So basically McGill told me that if I want to get a second undergrad degree in Science, I should’ve taken Science pre reqs at the university level which I didn’t... I only took 3000 level science courses while doing my previous bachelor’s degree, since I had the advanced science pre reqs that I did back home transferred. And unfortunately those same science pre reqs won’t be accepted by McGill because they don’t accept pre reqs that we’re done more than 5 years ago for their 2nd degree undergrad programs... I will look into Concordia, honestly I didn’t contact them since I thought
  6. I called Dawson and they were like « you’re too qualified for our cegep » lol
  7. Hello guys, I apologize I know this has been asked 10928768238970 times but I haven't found any forum that directly answers to situations like mine. So like many non-trads, I got a low GPA in my previous Undergrad degree due to the fact that I was not passionate about that major and also personal reasons (I was an international student in another province and unfortunately the textbooks were way too expensive for my single mother to afford, so I had to only rely on the few info that my teachers gave us in the lectures to prepare for the exams). And to be honest, even if my GPA was co
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