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  1. whewwww i thouhgt i was the only one not getting any other info
  2. Has anyone got more info about registration after accepting?
  3. They told you that it was ur GPA? I thought they didn't give feedback! nice to know this. How many extra points do they give u for Master's?
  4. Nah, maybe should we send them an email to ask ? But they're likely closed now that it is almost 6 pm
  5. me rn, i have been so stressed the whole day today !
  6. AHAH same, i wanted to know before western's interview but now im so nervous :O
  7. ahh same. they did not really seem to be interested in the interview tbh ahah. ended before the 30 mins. not as many crazy questions as u of t tho haha
  8. I thought it went well, i answered the questions very quickly too; didnt know how much they expected. There were MMI style questions even though it said traditional.
  9. How much do you guys think the interview is worth? I got a few curveball questions and don't know if they liked my answers ahha
  10. I also did not expect any of those questions! Not traditional questions that I had anticipated and I was preparing for traditional questions. Does anyone know how they mark? Is it 50/50 marks from each interviewer?
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