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  1. Does anyone know if the CMPA fees for July will be deducted on June 20ish or July 20ish? My account balance is currently sitting at $0
  2. I also got 3 emails from CPSO today, one with the login information.
  3. Anyone know what's going on with CPSO? Some people already got emails to register and some people didn't. Is there a date where we should have gotten an email inviting us to register by?
  4. Thanks for the tips! Any other tips to make the transition easier are appreciated
  5. Thanks for giving me some assurance. Talked to some other students and seems like we're all in the same boat. Do you guys know if the CMPA is processed instantly (I'd prefer to wait before spending some money)?
  6. Hey has anyone that matched in Ontario received anything from their program about next steps like CPSO? CMPA? The shortened timeline is making me a little nervous because I haven't received any instructions about doing or submitting any administrative documents. Am I the only one or is everyone else also waiting?
  7. Haha okay thanks. It's a pretty small stream in a huge program but I'm not sure how many people they are responsible for, so I will refrain from being annoying. Thanks for answering
  8. Congratulations everyone! Dumb question, did people answer the email for orientation(from a generic mailbox) thanking the program at all, or would that just be super annoying?
  9. They should do us all a favour and just put us out of our misery now
  10. So I didn't get that vibe at all from the Q&A session, quite the opposite it seemed supportive. But got that same vibe you're talking about from another site in that seemed like residents were on their own for call. Call I recorded from the session was 4 times per month. (2 for hospitalist & 2 for OB). peds and ctu: 5-6 shifts per month and 2 weekend calls But I've never rotated there so can't really comment on how it actually is.
  11. How many times have people changed their ROL?
  12. Don't know about the Ontario ones
  13. So I realized that I didn't write a lot of the programs down, but this is what I recorded: (I'm thinking the majority of the rest were super cush or 1:4-but if someone else adds to this It would help everyone else) Prince George: I didn't write the actual number but wrote "a lot of call is in hospital"; OB call is 1:2 Rural Fort St. John: 1 day/week Vancouver Fraser: OB: 1:4 Abbotsford: R1-1:4; R2-1:6 Nanaimo: overnight call only for OB; Hospitalist only until 11 pm Victoria: call is 4 times per month
  14. Thank you so much @ihsh, @shikimate& @1D7 this has been super helpful. To the person wondering about UBC call requirements, it was dependent on site, and there are some super chill ones. I wrote some of them down, so if you want specifics let me know and I can post them for other people to see. Some sites do no overnight (till 11) call while some do unless on OB (and sometimes hospitalist). 1:4 is the UBC consensus. I happen to like having a post call day. I hate working till 11 because things always come up I always end up staying later and showing up early the next day. I alwa
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