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  1. So I didn't get that vibe at all from the Q&A session, quite the opposite it seemed supportive. But got that same vibe you're talking about from another site in that seemed like residents were on their own for call. Call I recorded from the session was 4 times per month. (2 for hospitalist & 2 for OB). peds and ctu: 5-6 shifts per month and 2 weekend calls But I've never rotated there so can't really comment on how it actually is.
  2. How many times have people changed their ROL?
  3. Don't know about the Ontario ones
  4. So I realized that I didn't write a lot of the programs down, but this is what I recorded: (I'm thinking the majority of the rest were super cush or 1:4-but if someone else adds to this It would help everyone else) Prince George: I didn't write the actual number but wrote "a lot of call is in hospital"; OB call is 1:2 Rural Fort St. John: 1 day/week Vancouver Fraser: OB: 1:4 Abbotsford: R1-1:4; R2-1:6 Nanaimo: overnight call only for OB; Hospitalist only until 11 pm Victoria: call is 4 times per month
  5. Thank you so much @ihsh, @shikimate& @1D7 this has been super helpful. To the person wondering about UBC call requirements, it was dependent on site, and there are some super chill ones. I wrote some of them down, so if you want specifics let me know and I can post them for other people to see. Some sites do no overnight (till 11) call while some do unless on OB (and sometimes hospitalist). 1:4 is the UBC consensus. I happen to like having a post call day. I hate working till 11 because things always come up I always end up staying later and showing up early the next day. I alwa
  6. So I thought this would be a lot easier. But I find myself being super confused about how to rank some FM programs especially since we weren't able to interview in person. I'm looking for any comments about any of the Ontario FM sites. Western probably has me most conflicted with all the sites so If someone could compare the regional, city and rural sites, I would really appreciate it. I was initially really liking the regional program but I'm hearing conflicting comments. Or any comments at all from a clerk that rotated at one of these sites. I would prefer to live in Ontario f
  7. Did anyone do the UBC asynchronous practice link? They give you 7 min to respond to your favourite colour. I can't even drag that beyond 30 seconds. I mean it's not that deep.
  8. I'm actually mindblown. I thought I read this somewhere, but I called carms to see if I could get an idea as to what my letter said, and they didn't even give me a hint so I thought I was wrong... Definitely interested to know what it said
  9. Noticed Mac EM called a candidate. Anyone get any update in carms or via email?
  10. I can only hope that they keep the competitiveness to psych
  11. Don't mean to be annoying but does the new bolding of the specialty in the Invitations section make it harder to see what program is sending out invitations?
  12. Yes, my friend got a whole swag package that they mailed to her
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